VouchPro: Changing the Face of Broadcast Industry through its Comprehensive Live Streaming Solution

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Anubhav Bajpai,Founder & Director
Anubhav Bajpai, Founder & Director

As live broadcasting continues to acquire steam in the digital circuits, organizations are in dire need of differentiating themselves from the competition with a superior quality webcasting product that would facilitate them to reach their audience instantly, anytime, any where. Furthermore, the solutions must offer low latency and affordable transcoding to be able to scale to make the live broadcast go viral on multiple platforms. To best suit the needs of live broadcasters, VouchPro provides comprehensive video management solution that enables broadcasters to create private broadcasts, host interactive sessions or go live on multiple platforms without any CAPEX investment. The solution lets users to reach wider audience simultaneously through multiple devices (laptops, computers, smartphones, set-up boxes and others), operating systems or channels (social media, mobile apps, famous news portals or even at LED screens at airports) to improve broadcasters’ efficiency and productivity to keep them ahead of the competition.

While other webcasting companies barely have three offices in India, VouchPro has offices in five major cities Noida (headquarter), Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad (R&D centre) and channel partners in another ten cities, which serves as a critical server in cases like huge game events. The company’s video management platform is designed as a one-stop-solution providing live streaming, video-on-demand and social media streaming. With rich features, this comprehensive platform provides its client access to admin account, using which client’s system administrator can manage all the accounts that they need for their people internally and addresses all their purpose, without seeking the help of service provider.

Enabling enterprises to broadcast events like product launch, VouchPro crafts fullycustomized live streams across platforms and provides the centralized switch to all the attached boards which in-turn build buzz for their new product, increase the audience size and bring-in new revenue streams for the broadcasters. Its webinar platform aids organizations to interact with customers, prospects and colleges, thereby elevating the digital impression of their event and improving the productivity. Its e-Learning offering is a combination of hardware that captures their audio/video & software, which distributes the content to multi-million students who can view the content live from any where in the world.

With its Video-on-demand service, VouchPro creates a YouTube-like portal for its customer to play recorded video content that can be played in whatever structure they demand, wherein customers can play facts and attach maximum viewers. Besides facilitating clients to get spaces on famous portals (Economic Times or Gadgets Now) to run their live video, it also develops films to promote their event. During webcast, the company integrates AR/VR solutions to make the content more effective and interesting for the audience. VouchPro allows customers to take feedback & collect registration details during live stream and provides post-event analytics report (indicates customer interest, area or industry they are from, age-group and devices used by them) that helps organizations to enhance their productivity and focus on their target market. “We have 360° solutions around video streaming, and we offer every type of solution for every industry, based on the use case,” avers Anubhav Bajpai, Founder & Director, VouchPro.

India’s First & Only Self-Care Provider
While the company completely handles each component for clients through all these services with its managed services stack, its self-care stack, the venture enables organizations to go live on different platforms byutilizing VouchPro’s professional audio & video simultaneously by themselves without investing on any massive infrastructure. “None of the Indian service provider is offering webcast or live streaming as self-care solutions and we take pride in designing this unique solution in India,” says Anubhav. The company has powered live internal and external events for some of the world’s most successful companies, including Samsung and Career Launch.

Apart from customized services & technology, factors like its vast network, robust backend infrastructure, professional manpower support and vision has helped VouchPro to rank top amidst competitors. The management comprises of four highly best in-class directors and 35+ trained, professional and motivated employees, who help in making company a technologically driven enterprise and grow exponentially. The company has paid subscription to many portals that deliver best of content available in live streaming industry to keep its employees updated and informed.

Further enhancing its comprehensive video management service to render the whole gamut of services with a single access to its customer that would allow them to perform right from designing registration page to live-streaming on their platforms simultaneously without any help, VouchPro intends to launch it in January 2018. The company aims to take live streaming to the retail market and desires to reach out to the mass and empower each cameraman of the country who is creating video go live on internet with their own equipment and VouchPro as their back-end. With a whopping 200 percent year-on-year revenue growth, VouchPro endeavors to expand its wings to tier-2 &3 cities of India, for which it’s seeking a partner to invest.

Key Management:
Anubhav Bajpai, Founder & Director
Anubhav’s decade-long experience in managing large group of people and business units along with Product Management, Solutioning and Managing support function of communication solution has helped him to take VouchPro to a new level of success.

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