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Video APIs

Finding a video streaming API that provides maximum customization capabilities can be difficult. However, not with the integrating video API service of VouchPro. API (Application Programming Interface) is basically a platform that provides different solutions when it comes to integrating videos on online platforms or live streaming.

Integrating video APIs in your virtual event is another way of building user engagement. If the audience gets options like one-on-one video chat with a representative or if you want to set up a virtual video call canter to help your customers, video API is the solution for you.

VouchPro Video API Services

VouchPro understands the importance of providing the best user experience and therefore, we provide our video integration service with maximum customization features like:

  1. One to one video call
  2. One to many video call
  3. Multiple users to multiple audience video call
  4. Ready to use API’s
  5. Compatible with every platform/device
  6. Pay per user option
  7. Integration of tech support
  8. Live interactive broadcasts
  9. Online Identification/KYC
  10. Group collaboration.


Take your customer engagement to the next level with VouchPro video API service through rich video interactions and screen sharing functionality and provide engaging content, technical support and advice in real-time.