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A hybrid even is an event where both online and physical audience is present. By expanding your physical event to an online platform, you have better chances of reaching a wider audience and generate far more engagement for the event. A hybrid event is not like live streaming or interactive webinars. It is much more than just a static recording of any event. By hosting a hybrid event, you introduce an interactive online platform for your virtual audience giving them the feel of attending the physical event. 

Though hybrid events are hosted virtually, however, the audience or the participants gets the feeling of being present in the physical event. They can have a complete virtual walkthrough of the event, be able to participate in contests/quizzes/games and engage in entertainment activities like taking a selfie on the selfie booth.

Why Book A Hybrid Event With VouchPro?

VouchPro will help you to move from the old model of event organization and adopt the new trend of hosting hybrid events. This includes transforming conferences, internal meetings, corporate content and conventions into a modern hybrid event and a fully virtual event as well.

As an end-to-end virtual event production company, we use real-time and remote event streaming technology to provide:

1. Live Streaming:

We provide high quality, live audio and video streaming for the audiences attending the event online.

2. Global Audience:

Since there are no geographical restrictions, adding virtual to your in-person event will give access to the global audience, increasing the reach of your event.

3. Attract Sponsors:

Since hybrid events are flexible in nature and provide enhanced exposure, it attracts more sponsor opportunities.

4. Data Collection:

This is one of the significant benefits of hybrid events. Beginning from the registration to being able to archive the entire event content, it provides valuable data to the host.

We at VocuhPro understand your business needs and priorities and hence provide the best solution for all your events. We can organise the perfect hybrid event for you, be it a conference, product launch, company seminars and meetings, corporate fairs and carnivals etc.