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What is a Metaverse?

A metaverse is a network of virtual worlds focused on social connection. Our physical presence maybe on the ground but we have evolved on the technology front which is truly immersive and makes you experience a second life. With your own avatar and a platform which brings together connected events, networking and interactions, VouchPro is one of the first to offer a Metaverse Application for any industry customized and tailored for you.

What Metaverse Experiences We Can Offer

Imagine you being a part of a meeting in a customized avatar that you can control? How about your hologram being present in a Virtual Conference to all your attendees? The possibilities for a metaverse are endless and the above is only few of the use cases. We have done some out of the box metaverse virtual events including an on-cruise event, amusement park and red carpet launch. 

VouchPro has a 99% uptime and fueled by our visionary platform developers, we can put life to any imagination. 

In recent times, we have all come across the word Metaverse quite often. Facebook has also changed its brand name to meta to focus on the Metaverse. But what exactly is Metaverse? Metaverse is a term that refers to an online space in which people can interact and digitally socialize with each other. It is more immersive and advanced than other traditional websites we usually use to interact with each other. This can be through virtual reality or it can be via VR headsets which people can wear and have an avatar in a virtual environment. Through this avatar, which looks like a cartoon and is representing you, you can interact with the avatars of other people in the Metaverse. It is just like how your character in video games interact with people but Metaverse is much more than just a video game.

Metaverse is a virtual world that you can experience and explore with the help of an avatar version of yourself. It is a form of the internet but you are inside that internet. Your physical presence will be on the ground but you will be experiencing a different world. It is truly amazing and Vouch Pro has brought to you The VouchPro Metaverse.

VouchPro has evolved immensely on the technology front, hence, we are one of the first to offer a Metaverse application for any industry. Within this Metaverse you can experience anything, you can be at virtual events, you can have entertainment shows, you can hold an on-cruise event, you can visit fashion shows, business meetings, seminars, and so much more. All of this with your own avatar which is customized just for you and that you can control in consonance with your needs. The possibilities for Metaverse are endless and the ones we have mentioned are just a small fragment of what Metaverse can offer.

The Future is here.

With the increasing acceptability of the virtual economy, VouchPro is looking forward to a future that offers the ease of accessibility, decentralization and cutting off boundaries to a physical location for our species. Today, it’s of least concern to many businesses offering WFH to employees about their physical whereabouts; rather than focusing on what’s paramount to the business and efficiency of the workforce. 

Demarcating the growth in virtual events at a compound rate of 20% since 2020, many companies have already included hybrid and virtual events in their “Smart Event Plans”. VouchPro works with Global partners helping to take their events to a truly digital platform that is built for the purpose and offers a dive-in experience to the users, stakeholders and presenters. 

Get started now before you realize what you have missed. We would be more than happy to help. Consult a VouchPro Expert today!

Metaverse Gallery

Check out our set of Metaverses which are handcrafted by the VouchPro team. Select or raise a request to create a custom Metaverse!

The VouchPro Metaverse is providing you with all of the incredible experiences you can have in a virtual world. We are offering cruises, carnivals, amusement parks, luxurious hotels, workspace, art galleries, exhibitions. You can book a cruise and experience what it feels like to have an on-cruise party with your group of friends. You can visit an amusement park and enjoy the rides virtually. If you’re a school, you can book a carnival and have your students visit it and experience everything provided. We also offer our customers to have the personal avatars of their choice from our large variety of avatars.

Our Metaverse platform believes in equality and creativity. Hence, we have created a platform where anyone who has a creative mindset can create their own Metaverse. We do not believe in advantaging only a few privileged people rather we think that every person should have the opportunity to build their business, life and future in Metaverse and enjoy all the benefits. We have some of the best Metaverse sets and we are offering our customers to have a Metaverse of their own design and liking. We want everyone to take a part in this evolution of the internet and have their space in Metaverse.

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Benefits of Metaverse

Now that you know what a Metaverse is, let’s talk about its benefits. Metaverse has several benefits. A few of the benefits that Metaverse provides are:

As we are going through a global pandemic, it has been impossible for us to travel or sometimes even attend a meeting that is taking place in our town. We have been working from home for the past few years and it has been convenient for us immensely. People have been able to multitask and save time because of not having to travel, but at the same time, it has its disadvantages as people can not socialize with other people while attending these meetings. However, Metaverse will solve this problem as you will be able to not just chat with people but also socialize and interact with them just like you do in the real world. You will save the money and time of travelling but you will have the same experience as that of a real-life event.

Having an event in Metaverse is also going to be much more budget-friendly than having an event onsite. An onsite event costs you plane tickets if you require people to fly over to attend the event, you also need to rent a venue with all the arrangements which can be quite costly. However, in the case of an event in Metaverse, you will not have to spend money on travelling or the arrangements. You can have the venue or room of your own choice in a Metaverse. Metaverse also has the advantage of letting people experience luxuries at a cheaper price than the real world. People from the middle class or working class, who are not able to afford luxuries, will also be able to travel the whole world or experience stays at luxurious hotels through their virtual avatar. You will be able to hold your event at a 5-star hotel without having to pay as much amount as in the real world.

With having functions or events in the real world, you were limited to who can come to your event and who cannot but that is not the case with Metaverse. Whether it is your mall in Metaverse, your business meeting, or a university; people from all around the world will be able to attend it. You will have a global audience visiting your mall and shopping from it. You will have your workers from different branches from all over the world attending your business meetings while saving the travelling cost. You will have students taking admissions in your university from any corner of the world and it will not be like classes on Zoom, instead, they will experience it just like they do in the real world.

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