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Digital Branding & Consumer Engagement

One of the major challenges of hosting a virtual event is keeping the audience engaged. And it is not limited to customer engagement but providing the best virtual experience to the sponsors, attendees as well as exhibitors. And of course, the goal behind hosting any event is enhancing brand awareness. 

The key to a successful virtual event is, keeping your audience engaged and entertained. Apart from that only hosting a virtual event is not enough, you need to keep it exciting enough to attract the audience and here branding plays a major role. We at VouchPro understand the importance of both these aspects and provide a complete package to make your virtual event a hit show.

Just like in any physical event, we ensure that the virtual platforms also advertise the brand and do not let the audience lose their interest by organising virtual festive treats, conducting interactive quizzes, etc.

VouchPro Customer Engagement And Branding Startegies

For company branding, we look into all the features that you would do during a physical event. The virtual platform promotes the brand by putting up:

  1. Canopies
  2. Boards
  3. Banners
  4. Virtual tour of the city to attract engagement
  5. Complete event agenda
  6. Interactive brand videos
  7. Downlodable brochures
  8. Video chat/Message Chat with a sales representativeBranded goodies/offers/discounts.

If the audience feels disinterested and leaves the virtual platform only after minutes of entering, the event is a waste. But VouchPro does not let it happen. We provide customizable engagement programs as per the requirement of the event. Some of them are:

  1. Conducting quizzes (During and/or before the event)
  2. Interactive seminars
  3. Live video chats
  4. Q&A sessions
  5. Festive treats
  6. Selfie booths
  7. Helpdesk booths
  8. Live polls
  9. Games and contests

Since “Customer Delight” is in our DNA, VouchPro ensures complete engagement fo the attendees and promoting the brand to make it the best virtual event for you.