Virtual Events

Use Cases of A Virtual Event

We have all attended events for our businesses where we walk inside the venue and ask at the main desk about the conference room. The receptionist then tells us about the room number or leads us to the room. Imagine all of this happening virtually. You have signed up for a business event on a platform and there is a 3D venue, you click on the main desk and there is an AI receptionist ready to help you with your query. You ask the question by typing it in the chat section and the receptionist answers it. Then you click on the conference room and you walk to the conference room through this 3D hallway. You step inside the conference room and take a position on one of the seats. It is just like your usual conference room, it has all the chairs, stage with a huge screen in its backdrop; the only difference is it is virtual and in reality, you’re sitting at your home or somewhere else entirely. 

This is what a virtual event is. In this 3D venue for virtual events, you will find a lobby, conference hall, resource center, networking lounge and much more. You will even find people walking down the lobby with you to the exhibition hall. As you reach the exhibition hall, you will find different halls. It is exactly like any event you may have attended in real, this 3D event will not make you feel as if you’re attending it virtually or that it is a virtual event.

A virtual event, just like the name suggests, is an event that takes place virtually. It is an event where you or your audience doesn’t have to be present physically rather you can attend or hold a virtual event from your home or any place of your convenience. For example, a webinar, online fundraising events, online conferences, online interviews, online workshops, online hiring events; are examples of virtual events. The virtual event provides the users with a number of benefits such as you can host an event from the comfort of your home or even if you’re away from your clients, it also helps you reach a new audience, build engagement around your brand; virtual events help you with all of it. Even if you’re having other types of events, you should also have virtual events added to your strategy.

Every section of a Virtual Event is customized and designed basis the event genre and customer’s needs
Destination walkthrough for the viewers giving them an experience of offsite events

Types of Virtual Events

There are several types of virtual events that are held by businesses and organizations. You do not need to stop conducting your onsite events, however, in this day and age having virtual events in your business plan is a must for your business to flourish. These events are not just businesses but these can also be held for entertainment purposes as they’re 3D and you would have the full experience of attending a real event.

Some of the types of virtual events are:

Just like we have onsite, in-person conferences there are also virtual conferences. The virtual conference is more than just a virtual meeting for organizations to raise brand recognition, generate leads, and establish relationships with the audience. Virtual conferences are frequently held over a couple of days and might consist of keynotes, training, informative sessions, panel discussions, and other activities. You will have the same experience as attending an onsite event and getting your work done without having to be physically there.

Instead of going to a particular venue to attend a workshop, you can have people visit your online workshop on a virtual event platform. It is just like an onsite workshop but you don’t have to be present there physically. You can give presentations or lectures in a 3D conference room and your audience can attend it and also interact with you as if they’re present there.

Yes, you read it right. It is not as bizarre as it sounds. There are virtual malls and they’re actually pretty amazing. You can hire a booth in a virtual mall, or you can hire a whole mall in which you can have different booths for different sellers. The audience can visit this mall and each booth and do shopping of their choice. These malls are open 24/7 and have shopping carts options for buyers’ ease.

Virtual entertainment is exactly what it sounds like. When you hold a business meeting or conference, you also throw a business party so why not do this virtually as well? If you’re from the entertainment industry, you can also hold concerts online or you can even have virtual cinemas.

You can conduct a virtual exhibition by renting a virtual exhibition center at a virtual event platform. It will not only help you in showcasing your new product or your business’ line but will also you in reaching a global audience. This virtual exhibition will generate sales for you and will increase your revenue.

Key Areas for a Virtual Event


  • Live Video question or reactions from a large streaming audience
  • Emojis along with Clap & Hoot options including real time count
  • Live Polling and Survey with instant graphical results
  • Live Trivia Quiz module integrated with instant leaderboard
  • Integration of a 3D or a 360-degree stage
  • Immersive live content production with AR Integration
  • Resource Center with Agenda and Speaker’s profiles
  • Custom participation certificates
  • Forced Navigation at the beginning of the session for all the attendees
  • Gratification/Scratch Cards basis content viewing duration
  • Video on Demand for past sessions

Breakout Rooms

  • No limit on number of breakout rooms
  • Forced navigation possibility to respective room for attendees
  • Video API Integration for all formats of Video Communication
  • Integration of Zoom API’s for an interactive session
  • Navigation possibilities for MS Teams, WebEx and Zoom

Networking Lounge

  • Networking rooms having Text, Audio or a Video Chat capability with fixed number of seats in each room.
  • See the profile of a fellow visitor, send a connection request and have Audio/Video interaction upon acceptance of the same

Registration Desk with Agenda and Live Text/Audio/Video Chat facility

Exhibition Hall

  • Immersive 3D Exhibition Hall and booth designs
  • 360 Degree Product Displays
  • Resource Center for documents download
  • Product Brochures
  • Brand & Product Videos
  • Custom Engagement with Gratification
  • Sales Contact Cards with call back scheduler
  • Realtime Chat (Text/Audio/Video) with Sales representatives
  • Audio or a Video Contact center setup for mass queries
  • Custom Gratification for the visitors

VouchPro Advantage

Vouch Pro is one of India’s leading Virtual event platforms. If you’re looking for the best virtual event platform in India, then Vouch Pro is the best option for you. We provide our clients with the best services and give them the best virtual event experience.

Vouch Pro provides its clients with several options for virtual events. We have a facility of auditoriums, breakout rooms, networking lounge, exhibition hall, etc for holding an amazing virtual event in India.

Our virtual event platform in India provides you with many great features for your virtual events. Below are the facilities that you get from Vouch pro:

  1. High graphic HTML 5 based games integrated with leaderboard
  2. AI powered Photo Booth having Selfie, Boomerang and GIF integrated with Mosaic Wall
  3. War Cry Station (Visitors can record their War Cry based on the theme of the event)
  4. Social Wall (Visitors can upload their pictures and fellow visitors can like or comment on the same.)
  5. Wall of Fame (A Video or a still image wall of Winners or Nominees)
  6. Talent Unlock (Hosting talent videos of fellow coworkers with an option of voting or comments)
  7. Leadership Corner (Key Video messages from the leadership team)
  8. Trivia Quiz having great scoring logic based on correct answers and time taken with live leaderboard
  9. Custom Jigsaw Puzzles
  10. Treasure Hunt or an Escape room (Time-based activity custom made on a branded 3D UI)
  11. Food Truck (For food coupons and integration with Swiggy or Zomato)
  12. Graffiti Wall (Live messages from your fellow vistors)
  13. 3D Product Models display with 360-degree experience  
  14. Live Tambola Integration
  15. Live integration of performances by Artists
  16. Unlocking of sections based on points accumulated
  1. Any complex database integration possibility
  2. API integration with any third-party database
  3. SMS or email-based OTP authentication
  4. Auto change of UI based of time and date of the event
  5. Active Directory integration
  1. End to end encrypted connections
  2. 100% protection using SSL
  3. Usage of Firewalls, DDOS and WAF for highest network security protocols
  4. All the Policies of ISO 27001 and ITIL implemented
  5. Content being delivered using top 3 global CDN’s
  6. N + N backup for every process and equipment
  7. Geo redundancy built in multiple continents
  8. Implementation of Anti Defacement to secure brand identity
  9. Maximum automation achieved in industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Hosting a Virtual Event?

Virtual events are the new norm nowadays and people prefer them over onsite events because of the pandemic and also because it is much more convenient. With a virtual event, you can save the expenses of travelling and even save your time of having to get ready. Virtual events are not just convenient for the audience but they are also convenient for those who hold them. If you hold a virtual event, you get to save a lot of money which you would spend on the venue, food and other items. The virtual event also helps you in reaching a new audience. If you’re launching a new product or a new course, then holding a virtual webinar where you give your audience a brief of the topic and then showcasing your product or service can be one of the many great ways to extend your sales via virtual events.

Why You Should Host a Virtual Event?

Virtual events serve the same purpose as in-person events: to transmit your company’s message in order to generate leads and revenue, encourage adoption, and increase loyalty lifetime value. For years, meeting and event planners have had to choose between in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. A webinar, for example, benefits from being virtual since it is designed to reach a large audience with thought-leadership, training, or other information, but a user conference or regional training program is designed to establish 1:1 in-person encounters that face-to-face delivery enhances. Virtual events also save time and are more productive than live ones since they are shorter. As they’re so common these days, it is most likely that your competitors are also holding virtual events on great virtual platforms and because of their convenience people tend to prefer virtual events more so unless you want to stay behind you should start holding virtual events too on the best virtual event platforms.

What are the key Features for a Virtual Event?

You also need to focus on how your virtual event is going to perform. Some of the key features that one must have to conduct a virtual event are:

  • Event Management Features
  • Live Streaming Video
  • Automation
  • Backup of content
  • Broadcast recorded session
  • Customer support
  • Monetization

How to Host a Virtual Event?

As virtual events are relatively new and one might get confused as to what things they should focus on to conduct a good virtual event, we are mentioning some of the important points to keep in mind when holding a virtual event.

  • The right audience that you want to cater
  • Your goal to achieve through this virtual event
  • The budget you have to conduct this virtual event
  • The timeline according to your audience and your business
  • The speakers and exhibitors who would propose the content

After deciding to hold a virtual event, it can be an issue to find a good virtual event platform to hold your virtual event, but fret no more as Vouch pro has brought to you an opportunity to hold the best virtual events according to your liking!

Why Choose Vouch Pro?

Vouch Pro is one of India’s leading Virtual event platforms. If you’re looking for the best virtual event platform in India, then Vouch Pro is the best option for you. We provide our clients with the best services and give them the best virtual event experience.

Vouch Pro provides its clients with several options for virtual events. We have a facility of auditoriums, breakout rooms, networking lounge, exhibition hall, etc for holding an amazing virtual event in India.

Our virtual event platform in India provides you with many great features for your virtual events.