Types Of Hybrid Events And How They Work

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A high heterogeneity event prompts preparation and strategising. Hybrid events are the ideal answers for initiatives that can occur as face-to-face and virtual events.

Let’s look at the types of Hybrid events:

  1. Internal hybrid events

Internal events are initiatives that profit your organisation’s corporate stockholders, such as staff members, governance, and supervisors. It is challenging for many enterprises to assemble their team members in the same space for a conference. That’s where hybrid events enter the equation. Choose a location for your event, then live broadcast the session to the rest of your company members.

  1. External hybrid event

External events are practices directed at your clients, potential customers, visitors, etc. Modifying your real-time external event to a hybrid setup can help you target more audience members while significantly reducing your ecological footprint, such as product launches, virtual social hours, concerts, etc.

Here are some Hybrid event platforms you can look up to for an interrupted virtual fair.

  • Vouch pro
  • Cast Kom
  • Glue-up
  • Sarcon
  • Bizzabo
  1. Simultaneous Events

Simultaneous events are often regarded as a” real hybrid event”.  It comprises both live and digital audiences attending the event simultaneously and the opportunity for the audience to participate easily.

  1. Drive-in events

Imagine it as a modern take on a drive-in movie theatre. A drive-in interaction or social gathering in which invitees drive to a big outdoor venue and participate in the event from the comfort and safety of their vehicle. Originally, the event typically featured a single main stage or screen that the audience could watch. The event may even have its radio station, allowing guests to listen from the convenience of their car.

  1. Live audience events

This event is modelled after a chat show format, wherein speakers interact with a small studio crowd while simultaneously streaming the event to a larger virtual audience. It is a perfect event option for a product launch. You’ll have to look up for a virtual events platform that supports such events.

  1. Micro hybrid events

This hybrid event aims to collect broadcast-ready footage by assembling all the presenters in a studio and streaming the video broadcast to a distant audience. Its traditional method of a virtual event leaves no room for mistakes as it has been pre-recorded.

Moreover, finding sponsors, launching a mobile app, and Creating monitoring reports and ROI reports can be some additional features of this 3D virtual event. It’s not just a big screen and internet connection. It’s something way more significant than that.  Launching an app can be more convenient but will require revenue generated through potential sponsors by organising a high-tech Virtual affair. It’s necessary to choose the right platform for your perfect event. A great event will benefit the company and the platform organising the event.

If you are looking for a perfect virtual fair, Vouchpro is the best hybrid event platform you can go for. Vouch Pro is one of the most well-organized and dependable platforms for organising a hybrid event. It is trusted by many brands such as Realme, Titan, Yamaha, Cheil, and HDFC bank. Take a look at VouchPro’s official site to get a step ahead on your entrepreneurial journey.

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