Reasons Why You Should Live Stream Your Event

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Live Streaming is a norm these days. Most of the businesses and organizations live stream their events because of its benefits. If you also want to live stream your event but are confused about it, then you have come to the right place as we will tell you all the reasons why you need to live stream your next event.


Live Streaming your event saves you money. If you have to travel to an event or fly people to attend the meeting, live streaming can save you all the travelling costs as they can join the event remotely without having to fly. You only need to hire live streaming or virtual event platform like VouchPro to live stream events and you’re good to go.

Larger Audience

People are more likely to attend your live stream event than your physical event because of its convenience. Having to attend an in-person event requires a person to take out a specific time or reserve a day for that event, but in the case of a virtual event, they don’t need to do that. Hence, you will have a larger audience attending your event.

Repurpose Content

When you live stream your event, not only does it benefit you at that time but it can also be profitable for later use as you can archive it and use the video again for other purposes. You can ask virtual event platforms like VouchPro to give you the recorded video of the event. You can upload smaller clips from the event on your social media accounts and on other platforms to reach a wider audience without having to make new content.

Increase Revenue

As you reach a wider audience through a live event, it helps you in increasing your audience as well as your sales. When more people are being exposed to your content, they’re more likely to purchase from you. It is a great strategy to apply especially when launching a new product or service.

Remote Speakers

Through live streaming events, you don’t only get a wider audience but you also get to have remote speakers from all around the world attending your event. Those who wouldn’t be able to attend your event in person would attend it via live streaming.

Increase in On-Site Audience

A big myth about live streaming an event is that your on-site audience can grow less because of that, however, it is completely wrong. According to statistics, 30% of the people who attend your event online are likely to attend the event in person the next year. An online hybrid event gives people an insight into how the event and content of the event are going to be, and then they decide if they want to attend the physical event or not.

Increase Brand Awareness

Live streaming your event has another great benefit which is raising brand awareness. Through live streaming, your content is reaching a wider audience who are likely to share your event’s link with others if they find your content or service useful. It increases your audience and more people know about your brand.

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