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Interactive Webinars

With the workstyle shifting from the real world to the virtual world, interactive webinars have really gained some popularity in the past few years. The work culture is not limited to a single city/country, and in this condition, a company may have several people attending the seminar from different parts of the country/world. And of course, it is not possible to be travelling down to the venue every time. Here is when interactive webinars prove to be a useful tool. 

Interactive webinars are similar to real-time events, the only difference being, you can attend the webinar from any location. Basically, it is a one-to-many communication, where the host can reach a large group of online audience from a single location. When the participant or the audience can participate in the webinar by being able to ask a question, engage in chats, polls, surveys or share their views, the webinars become interactive. 

By using the interactive webinars services provided by VouchPro, you can actually make it a hit show by providing the facility to the audience to be engaged and participate in the online webinar.

VouchPro Interactive Webinar Services

With the help of interactive webinars, you can easily connect, engage and interact with the audience at a large scale from a single platform. Some of the services included in our interactive webinar services are:

  • Up to 500 participants in a session
  • Up to 4 active speakers
  • Plug-in free software
  • Compatible with any device
  • Post-event analysis
  • Screen sharing option
  • Two-way video interaction
  • Options to conduct polls and surveys during the seminar
  • Moderator control
  • Whiteboard annotations
  • Live chat
  • Event recording
  • Advanced APIs
  • Secured authentication to participate
  • Option to raise a hand to speak.


Putting your content on-demand helps generate new leads without having to host another webinar. Give your high-impact webinars another chance to perform with customisable services of VouchPro.