Online video has become PopularPopularPopular trend among internet users.

Online video has become popular trend among internet users. Talking about it, performance-based metrics play a great role in creative marketing and branding exercises. Consumers look forward to watching videos across a variety of channels and devices, thereby multiplying interest in integrated TV and mobile ads.

VouchPro’s Video On Demand services takes video delivery to a completely new level. Our broadcasters deliver on-demand and live HD quality videos using Silverlight and Flash on their mobile and web properties. Our integrated services and advanced technologies give content owners the power of expanding audience as well as boldly reaching the places where marketers haven’t gone before to drive higher traffic! Yes, our video on demand services result in revenue from videos and increased viewer engagement.

We deliver our VOD suite across a whole spectrum, i.e. basic to high-bandwidth video. This helps in generation of multiple revenue sources for clients. Advertisers are showing increasing interest in purchasing our online videos based on clear metrics which are sure to hold sellers accountable to engagement of customers. Our VOD services score very high on personalization and interactivity.

Thanks to our streaming videos, that internet is become a fundamental to TV to consumers, marketers and brand managers.


Reduced infrastructure Costs

It reduces operating costs and capital expenditure while expanding global market reach and multimedia capacity.

Comprehensive Content Management

It integrates management, multimedia-publishing and analysis capabilities into an easy-to-use and comprehensive web based content management tool.

Great Management Intelligence

We provide web-based reports on storage-consumption, bandwidth consumption, audit trails and system usage. Moreover, we also provide trend analysis reports and user-viewing activity to help you make informed business decisions.

Industry Standard Support

It supports a variety of multimedia formats such as QuickTime, Real, Flash and Windows Media.